Sunday, July 27, 2014

God's not Dead

Good news to fans of Christian movies, Gateway Church will be screening them more in the near future. I had the pleasure of watching God's not Dead on the big screen. It was not a pleasure because it was an awesome movie, on the contrary, it was horrible but I get to that soon.
Gateway now has a Facebook page for all the info if you want to check out the next movie. I sure hope they are getting the viewing license for these films. I will check into this and get back to you. If they are not, I will fight for them to do this right. These movie makers deserve their money. I talking $200 and all is good.
*edit* It has been confirmed that licensing is being paid for movies shown and to be shown. 
What do I think about God's Not Dead? First of all, Dean "Superman" Cain and Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo are in it. They do as good a job as they ever have but they never share any screen time. A waste of opportunity if I ever saw. Here's the trailer so you can get a taste of what I'm talking about here.

Summary provide by IMDB: College philosophy professor Mr. Radisson's curriculum is challenged by his new student, Josh, who believes God exists.

This was the core story and it was well done. There were a lot. I mean a lot of subplots that really didn't add to the movie and with time and care could be developed into interesting movies themselves but here in this movie, it's too much. The movie is nearly two hours long and I felt every moment. The screenplay is really good and would only be better with some editing and getting down to the core of the movie.
My best problem with Christian movies is usually the story but this was well done. The next problem with Christian movies is the cinematography. This movie does not pass the grade. It's shot very straight forward with very little creativity and the coloring is drab. It looks a lot like a TV movie. It could be because of budget restraints but that shouldn't kill creativity. They should take a lesson from Robert Rodriguez. He does so much on the cheap.
I must also warn you that there at least 3 scenes that will make you cry. Hats off to the director for pulling that emotional hat trick. I think they were too close together and too often and I felt manipulated.
Overall, this is not an awful movie in the Christian Movie spectrum. I give it 3.75 out of 5. But that is only in the context of being a Christian movie. As a movie alone? Horrible. Pass on this unless you are a big fan of Dean Cain or Kevin Sorbo.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Space Oddity (David Bowie + Kristen Wiig) - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

What is my current favorite movie? The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Why? Because I can Identify with the the character, Walter. He has a brilliant and wonder life inside his head much like I do. I dream of making it a reality much like Walter. In the movie it comes down to a moment in Walter's life where he must decide, will he ride the helicopter or not. If he does not. Life the same. If he does. Life is never the same. What is cool is the moment where he does decide and it's his imagination that pushes him. Wild and crazy imagination. Where dreams are crazy and thought to be unobtainable. Unobtainium is only in the movies.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Yard Sailing

I took my oldest out to yard sales and there was a lot of baby clothes out there. I found some good stuff though. For my youngest, I got a stack of Pokemon and a squishy Rawhide baseball. When we went to the Rawhide game last weekend, he really wanted one. He should be happy. My oldest found a hardback copy of Ender;s Game.
For me, I found two cds; The Best of Bobby Darin Vol. 2 and The Kingston Trio, Greatest Hits. Yeah, not the usual but my kind of music. I'm odd that way. Never heard of Bobby Darin you say? Let me help you.
And The Kingston Trio?
 I got three books too. The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, Screw-Jack by Hunter S. Thomson and Uprising by Erwin McManus.
It was a good morning.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fun Fact about Visalia

Visalia is pretty old. How old is she? When kids were in school there was no history class. *rim shot*
Back to the fun fact of the day. Visalia is older than Canada. Yes, Canada. The whole thing. Canada wasn't established until July 1st, 1867 What do you think of that, eh? So, Happy Birthday, Canada!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lincoln Oval Park

As of today of legacy hinges on me being the creator of the Mexican Hairbrush. If my mother were alive, I would have to apologize to her for that. So far that is my children's inheritance.
I have been thinking of a better way out of this and I have landed on an old dream of mine.
Movie Making.
I was inspired by a speech giving by Jim Carrey about his father.

So here I go into the unknown. I will produce, God willing, a documentary on the Lincoln Oval Park. I've done some research so far and this is going to be quite a project. But here is what I know so far:
  • The park has the worst reputation in Visalia.
  • It hasn't always been that way.
  • Visalia's first dedicated high school was built on the oval.
  • That high school moved to a newer building and was rededicated as an elementary school.
  • That building burnt down with all the children in the basement and was the basis for the horror movie Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • I made up that last fact except for the burning down part. No children were hurt in the writing of this blog.
  • The oval district has always had, schools, restaurants and homes.
  • The area was a middle class area up until the 50s.
  • Since the 50s it has had a reputation as a bad part of town.
  • What my movie will be about is why the change from a family friendly part of town to crime central and what is Visalia doing to change it back.
So, that is what is up with me. Wish me luck on this adventure.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Family Photo of Halloween

What you see here is my Dad, Mother, daughter and son. This was taken by my wife most likely in 2002. My son was dressed as Spider Man, as you can tell and my daughter was a princess. My Mother might have been a mime. No telling. What is fun to see this picture is that i never knew or completely forgot its existence. To see it is like finding treasure. Not the kind worth money but worth time. Because time passes and never comes back but this time time was captured and held and I got to relive a moment that was lost.
It's very cool to see them all and how exciting it was for them to first be there. My kids loved their grandparents and my parents loved my kids.
Time is valuable. Use it wisely.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Mexican Hairbrush

Have you ever been 43 years old and not impressed with what you've done with your life. If you have, then you will know what it's like to be me otherwise you don't know what it's like to be me.
Cue Tom Petty song.

Those who do know, let's hold hands and look upon those who don't and sigh. Because we know what you are headed for and you don't have a clue. Here's a link to a clue .
Today as I was laying in bed waiting for the inevitable 2nd alarm for me to get up. Yes, I have two alarms. First one is to get up and get the kids out the door for school. I then consume media for awhile then I return to bed and...
Now that we are all up to speed, back to my thoughts. The second alarm goes off and I am fuddling for the phone that is so alarming. I then just lay there and reflect on how I can make more money because that is and always has been my thought since the day I learned money makes my life more chocolatey. But, I never have enough. Life sucks. Money sucks. Someone perform a mercy killing on me.
That is when my brain scream at me. I real inaudible scream in my head. It screams, "The Mexican Hairbrush." Strange, I know. But before I could recover from this, I hear my wife's voice yell back inquisitively, "What's that?"
So, to recap. A voice of unknown origin likes to yell in my head as well as my wife's doppelganger apparently lives in my head too and has conversations that I am not apart of in my own thoughts.
But back to the major elephant in my head room.
What is The Mexican Hairbrush? My first thought is sexual of course.
This is were we take a dark turn so if you are of the gentle type go read something else.
My first thought of what The Mexican Hairbrush is someone dragging their scrotum or all of their genitals across someone's hair in an attempt to comb it. If that isn't an actual thing, I invented it. That is my legacy. It ain't much but it's what I got so far. I sure hope my life improves because if it doesn't, one of my family members will have to summarize my entire life as the guy who invented The Mexican Hairbrush and as a tribute they will ask for everyone to pull out there junk and brush each others hair. I can see family and friends in black weeping and dragging their goodies on each others' hair.
What a memorial. I hope they all get arrested.
I can't allow that to happen. I have to be more than that guy. I'll think more on this but for now. buh-bye.
I gotta go. He's out there and I gotta go to work.