Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review: Holy Ghost

I got to see the documentary, Holy Ghost. I was extremely excited to see it. After it was all said and done, I wasn't as impressed. It felt jumbled. Jumping from a scene where the crew is filming to interviews that would say encouraging snippets about the Holy Spirit.
The most interesting story was a trip to India. The Indian Christians there feared for their lives and where not very bold in their faith. When the Americans show up with a guitar and the Spirit, everything open up for them. The Indian Christians were amazed by their boldness and acceptance by the locals. The Indian Christians believed the Americans would be beaten and killed in the streets. It never happened but for one small altercation and even Jesus didn't bat 1000 when he preached.
They showed healings and conversions on the streets of Salt Lake City, Monaco, and a Korn concert.
Some scenes where very intense and amazing as to how they would follow direction by the Holy Spirit to people that needed God's love. Those are worth seeing and I believe this movie is very much worth seeing. My critique of the movie is the structure and message. I can not identify the director's message he wanted audiences to take away. I can identify what I would have done but there is no single thread that pulls the entire movie together. It's everything and powerful and a big mess. Go see it and pick through a stock pile of beauty.

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