Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Flash Fiction: Clowns on a Bus

I was inspired by a news story from Northampton, England. There is a clown or bunch of clowns showing up and watching people. Not hurting anyone but just looking menacing. And lately, I've been riding the bus. The two naturally go together in my head to make this short story.

Stepping on to the bus, I took the front seat. I like seeing where I'm going. We didn't go far when the bus stopped. I couldn't see all that the driver could and I was curious what was going on. We waited there for minute. Then it started to cross the front of the bus. What it was, was a parade of clowns. Tall ones. Fat ones. Clowns of all colors and sizes. It was amusing at first as I watched. I then became aware they were all looking back. Looking at me. Clown upon clown. Clown after clown, all looking at me and saying something. I'm sure of it but I couldn't make it out. I heard street noises. I heard the bus AC. I did not hear  one voice from a clown. One after another after another walked past, looking at me and mouthing something. I am sure of it. I quickly became frustrated and spoke out loud. "What are they saying?" 
A fellow passenger from behind me answered, "They say, hungry. I'm hungry." I was confused. That doesn't make sense. I turned to question them. I wish I hadn't. The back of the bus was filled with clowns, hungry, hungry clowns.

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