Sunday, September 2, 2012

Camera dreams and DSLR wishes

There is a camera I am eye balling at our local Costco. It looks a little like this to my left. I really like the 70D model but they don't have that at Costco. This is just as cool as far as I know and that is not much.
I wonder to myself, what if I had a camera as awesome as this. How would I pay for a camera like this. I have big dreams but no cash. I would bet anything if I had this camera I would stare at it for a long time and marvel at its beauty. Then I would run out and take a picture of a pig and TARDIS. Because that's my style. Few if any appreciate my love for pigs and blue boxes. That could be a cool band name. Pigs and Blue Boxes. TM.
The way my photography is heading it's more of a vanity project, doing what I like to do and I really don't require a $1000 camera to do that. I can dream though.


  1. This looks sweeeet! I have a Canon, point and click (Elph) and a Rebel with a zoom lens. Both are f-n fantastic, though I often dream of a macro lens. Photography is great fun and such a great way to show the world or just yourself what YOU see and what moves you. I hope someday you get your dream camera, I know how it feels to be there and the thrill of getting the camera you want. Everything is seen differently through a photographers mind and I love to see others point of view. Keep at it Dave any way you can :) p.s. I finally can post comments!